Because recipes could use a more personal touch. The Internet and home cooking are like that “perfect” couple that sleeps in separate beds. The crapload of searchable recipes should be a boon for home cooks, but only makes it that much more challenging to find the good ones.

This site’s focus is basic home-cooking techniques. For reader questions, it may be that you’ve never tried the dish before and need more help than just a recipe. Or you want to try something different – a slow-cooker stew, a first foray with venison, a no-stir risotto  – and want to explore the technique in depth.

What’s my take? Love of food and humanity? Well, yeah, but I also have my own questions that I try to answer myself. Plus, the Q&A thing is good for me; forces me to consider different angles to the home-cooking game. And there’s home-cooking itself, possibly the most important piece to healthfulness: learning how to cook is the best way to know what you’re eating. So ask or read along.

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For a little help with dinner tonight.