You? You could be anybody, practiced cook or kitchen newbie. So long as you’re looking for some sort of culinary guidance (or like reading about food and cooking), you’re in the right place.

Me? I write and I cook.  You can find my writing in food magazines like Fine Cooking and Cooking Light, the food sections of the Boston Globe and Washington Post, and cookbooks like Sear, Sauce, and Serve. For the last 10 years, my culinary focus has been b.good, a Boston burger chain that I co-founded with college buddies. There, I oversee our locally-sourced, homemade take on traditional fast food. Before that, I worked pretty much every job  in the food industry, starting as a busboy at a stuffy Berkshires’ inn, waiting tables at a Greek restaurant in my teens, and cooking in fancy French restaurants through my 20’s. I did think about cooking school, but instead opted for a year of culinary apprenticeships in Florence and Rome (wouldn’t you have done the same?).

About Cook Angel: I do explain at length why I started this site, but the short version is that I believe in home cooking and think the adventure (or question) of how we get dinner to the table each night is worth talking about.

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