Common Cook Angel Scenarios

There are all sorts of times Cook Angel can help. Here are the most obvious:

  • Making something out of nothing at all: You’re in sweatpants, running a slight fever, and have no interest in leaving the house. But you’re certain there are things on the premises – a can of tuna maybe, some canned tomatoes, a half full box of penne – which could become dinner and feed the family healthily without taxing you.
  • Conquering the unknown: You’re in the supermarket and eying tilapia filets or staring down pork country ribs or thinking about taking the leap with dinosaur kale. You’d like to give it a go but need some reassurance and guidance.
  • Improving average: So maybe you know how to make a marinara, but not how to make it special (try gently toasting the garlic with some crushed red pepper flakes and fresh rosemary to give the sauce an intense flavor base). Or maybe you’re ready to go to another level with your basic burger or roast chicken or mashed potatoes. Cook Angel has little tips or tricks to make the basic stuff a little special.
  • Taking on a technique: Sometimes it’s not the ingredient but the method itself that’s scary. Crepes have little more than flour and water, but these thin French pancakes can be intimidating if it’s your first go-round. The same holds true for techniques like smoking or TK or TK.
  • Kitchen Wingman: The nature of cooking is that invariably you will find yourself for those types of special occasions that are somehow scary – first date, dinner party, 4th of July cookout – where the emotional reassurance is as important as the culinary instruction. The style of my posts is talk you off of that proverbial ledge, down into the kitchen, where you can execute the meal preparation successfully and without stress.
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