The truth is that I really don’t know how this will work. I’ve created a basic structure (ask a home-cooking question, I answer), but if this site is to be worthwhile it will be shaped by use. Here’s my vision for now:

Someday soon, you may  find yourself in culinary need, anxious about one element or another of a preparation. Sit down (deep breath) and send a note to Cook Angel. Explain what you’re trying to do and snap a picture or two (if you can) of what you have. The pictures are colorful clues. They could be of the pork loin you just picked up, your irregularly stocked pantry, or a bag of farmers’ market booty. The note can include likes or dislikes, time constraints, nagging kitchen injuries, etc… The more specific, the better I can tailor my response to your set-up.

When time and topic allow, I will head to my kitchen, to test your question. My answers will be talk-y versions of recipes, the way your mom or grandma might guide you through how to make their roast chicken or meatballs.

That will be my take, but I am hopeful that you will offer up your own opinions and expertise. While I get first dibs here, I’m hopeful that you’ll jump in and set me straight. When it comes to home cooking, everybody is an expert!

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