Basic Cook Angel Equipment

-Cutting Board: Get something sturdy and plastic, preferably with tabs at the corners so it doesn’t slide along the counter top.

Knives: All you really need is a good chef’s knife. It’ll run you about $100 and last you a lifetime. Also, do pick up a sharpening stone at a knife store; it’s easy enough to sharpen your own (google it) and it makes all the difference with your daily slicing and dicing tasks. Then pick up a serrated blade and a paring knife to round out your knife drawer.

Pots and pans: Start with a skillet, something sturdy whether it’s a $20 cast-iron pan or a more versatile stainless steel skillet (the latter will run you about $100). Then get a large, heavy based pot for pasta, braises or stews. Then small sauce pan can round out your arsenal.

Grill: If you’re apartment bound, you may have to do without, but gas grills (despite not imparting quite the same flavor as charcoal) have been one of the great gifts to weeknight cooking in the last 30 years.

Smaller stuff: It’s helpful to have a peeler (I like the Kuhn Rikon y-shaped ones), a large spoon or two, a spatula (silicone spatulas are heat-proof), a whisk, and a grater for cheese and lemon zest.

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